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This is Ladybird, my 1970’s vintage Norwegian folding Wideroe Lillebror ‘Chateau Mobile’ caravan…

Together, we have attended flower shows, food festivals, art events, wakes and carnivals, staging pop-up gardens and eco-art workshops. I found her on eBay in 2013 when I was supposed to be looking for a trailer. I bought her unseen for £150 but she was in a sorry state, water leaks had caused the wooden frame and soft finishes to rot. She took 6 months to restore and got a colourful ladybird makeover in the process.

I’m based at the Spode Works Studios, in a converted pottery factory in Stoke town centre. I have one of the studios there and make gardening themed gifts ranging from seed bombs to plastic-free decorations. You can find out more here :


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